Legal Services for Data Security

Breach preparation and response

Because it is ‘when’, not ‘ if ’

Why consult an attorney about your data and technology security posture if you have never had a data breach, especially if you own a small business? If your web server, business or customer data were breached tonight, would you feel confident that you know exactly what questions to ask, what to do, and who to call?

A business’s legal exposure with data includes not only information-flows, but the whole business process, contracts with other businesses, employment agreements, internal investigations, and more.

Figuring out and addressing your risks ahead of time, and having a ready plan in place, can mean the difference between a minimal impact with smooth business continuity, and being forced out of business entirely, along with lawsuits and fines, even for the smallest businesses.

We can help you prepare

Our help can include reviewing, auditing, assessing, advising on various areas of your small business, and negotiating on your behalf, to mitigate and remediate data security risks:

We can help you respond to a breach

If contacting the firm about a data breach, be prepared to discuss as much as you know about when the breach occurred, when it was discovered, how it was discovered, whose and what data are at issue, whether any personal information has been compromised, whether third-party data vendors or handlers are involved or affected, and what actions have been taken since breach discovery.

For data breach preparation and response legal services for small businesses in the northern Puget Sound region, contact us today.

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