Marjorie Simmons, Esq. is a law firm. Principal attorney Marjorie Simmons assists individual and business clients with various legal issues through counseling and advocacy, whether a client’s concerns are driven by a legal dispute, a need to minimize legal exposure, develop strategy, or to plan for the future. Simmons is admitted to the bars of Washington state and South Carolina, and has practiced law since 1997.

Practice areas in focus

While the firm handles an array of legal matters, two primary areas of law occupy much of the firm’s time:


Drafting, defending, and challenging qualified domestic relations orders between parties, divisions of retirement assets called QDROs. Not a general family law practice, the firm’s work in family law focuses on retirement benefit divisions subject to the intricacies of ERISA and various arcane statutory systems governing divisions of retirement assets. See the QDRO page for more information.

Technology & data security

With issues involving the intersection of law and technology, the firm works with businesses needing assistance to reduce legal exposure by improving business data security posture. A seasoned technologist before coming to the bar, Simmons’ rich knowledge of computer systems gives her both the vocabulary and substantive knowledge to successfully communicate with technical and legal minds alike, ensuring that crucial linguistic and conceptual nuances are expressed correctly in each circumstance. See the data security page for more detail.

Additionally consulting with and for other lawyers on technology issues, Simmons has written and spoken to diverse audiences on legal issues with computer technology, security, privacy, and data management. As the original developer of the custom law practice management software Case Manager®, and also having developed data management solutions for other organizations in the engineering, manufacturing, retail, academic, and general business sectors, she is very familiar with the culture of data.

Other areas of law

Employment agreements, internal investigations, business contracts and disputes, and related concerns. As a trained mediator, Simmons enjoys helping people resolve their differences, seeking win-win resolutions when possible, and crafting durable agreements.

Attorney Contact

Marjorie Simmons
PO Box 688 Burlington WA 98233
(360) 299 1121